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We strive to continuously improve our systems and processes through a consistent capacity development program implemented throughout all operations. We boast of highly qualified, competent technical and professional teams working together to deliver high quality projects.

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B.T. Nyamagodo Regional Head | Sales and Marketing
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We deliver a comprehensive set of innovative solutions through engineering and construction. From project concept development, design specifications, fabrication, construction through to commissioning and decommissioning, we are the best partner for your project.


We deliver Growth through Innovative Engineering Solutions

Innovation Through engineering

Our Products and Services


With Innovation at the core of our business processes, our Building Construction and Civil Engineering Division delivers on a wide range of complex projects for both Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Projects.

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Commercial & Residential Construction - New Builds

Do you have a new building project? We specialise in new building construction for both individual and corporate clients around South Africa

Renovations, Alterations and Additions

Looking for reliable renovation contractors? We do renovations, alterations and additions for residential and commercial buildings.

Heavy Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Projects

Are you looking for a competent contractor to deliver on your Civil Engineering Project? Find out why we are the best partner for you...

Mining and Industrial Building Projects

Are you looking for Civil Contractors to build and renovate your facilities? Find out how we can help you realise your construction and engineering goals....


We are specialist designers, fabricators and installers of a wide range of architectural products. Our specialised design Engineers and Technicians work closely with you to deliver on your project specifications. 

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Aluminium Windows, Doors and Other Architectural Products

We manufacture aluminium windows, doors and glass products for all building applications. Click to open and see our full product range.

Glass | Supply, Cutting and Glazing

We are stockists of glass and we supply and install (glazing) both cut to size and full-size glass. Find out more about our services

Carpentry | Kitchens, Cabinetry and Roofing

We are specialist designers and fabricators of kitchens, cabinetry and timber roofs. Talk to us about your project needs.

Structural Steel Structures and Steel Products

We Design and Fabricate Steel Buildings and steel products for the building and industrial markets. Send us an Enquiry ....


We have strong capabilities in Engineering Consultancy Services with a combined experience of over 250 years. Out team comprises inhouse Professionals as well as independent consultants working to deliver on your project specifications.

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Architecture and Interior Design Consultancy

We take you from concept development through design drawings and municipal submissions. See how we assist clients...

Structural Engineering Consultancy

We ensure strict compliance with building codes and design specifications to deliver structurally sound projects. Find out more...

Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Consultancy

Our Civil Engineers work to ensure compliance with strict standards and design specifications. Find out more...

Mining and Industrial Engineering Consultancy

Our engineers work on industrial projects to deliver complex projects. Find out more about optimised designs...


We undertake to make it convenient for our clients to source high quality materials for their projects. We supply high quality building, aluminium and renewable energy products to our clients across the Southern African Region.

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Aluminium Profiles, Architectural Hardware and Glass

Get high quality architectural aluminium profiles and the hardware components directly from us at great bargain prices.

Building Sands, Aggregates and Cement Products

We supply and deliver sand materials and products to clients around the Gauteng Region. Delivery costs apply.

Building Materials Hardware and Electrical Supplies

We offer material BOQ estimates; and deliver the materials to your site from our hardware stores. Get in touch with us.

Solar Power Systems, Gas and Hardware Accessories

We are suppliers and installers of renewable power projects for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

registered Contractors SOUTH AFRICA

We are a registered contractor in terms of the CIDB, CSD, Companies Registry and National Building Regulations in South Africa. Our Professional Engineers and Consultants are Registered with various Engineering Councils that are SAQA approved.

Public Works

As a Registered Contractor, we participate in Civil Engineering and General Building Works. We undertake Infrastructure, Buildings, Public Services and Recreational Spaces. 

Commercial Construction

We participate in both Public and Private Commercial Projects. These include Public Buildings (Schools, Hospitals, Municipal) and Private Projects (Malls, Offices, Developments)

Civil Infrastructure

As registered Civil Engineering (PE) Contractors, we participate in civil Infrastructure Projects which include Public Services (water supply, treatment); Transport  (roads, bridges)

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We are an Award Winning Design-Led Engineering and Construction Company serving both the Private and Public sector clients across the Southern African Region.


GOVARO Building 350_175

Commercial & Residential Buildings

Our Building Works portfolio includes: Residential Buildings (New, Home improvements), Commercial Buildings (Malls, Hospitals, Schools, Office Buildings, Developments) and Industrial Buildings
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Bridge Construction 350_175

Civil Engineering | Infrastructure

We undertake Civil Engineering and Infrastructure projects, including roads, pavements, retaining walls, bridges, pipelines, canals, airports, tunnels, waste water, water supply projects, earth works.. 
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Concrete Structures 350_175

Reinforced Concrete Structures

We are a specialist Reinforced Concrete Civil Structures Contractor specializing in concrete slabs, floors, staircases, beams, columns, piers, basements, bulk RCC structures, septic & underground tanks...  
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GOVARO Painting 350_175

Renovations, Alterations, Additions

We undertake scheduled and ad hoc maintenance projects, including Building Maintenance (residential), Facilities (non-manufacturing commercial buildings) & Industrial Maintenance (manufacturing)
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SMEIP Engineering

SMEIP Engineering

We Build, Maintain and Provide Services, Technicians and Supplies for Shutdown Maintenance Services, SMPP, Electrical & Instrumentation,  Piping & Platework, Commissioning Support, Field services...
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Steel Construction2

Steel Construction

We design, fabricate, paint and install a wide range of steel structures, including industrial buildings and plants, tower, plate-work, workshops, warehouses, steel roofs,  bridges, structural framing....
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GOVARO Industrial

Industrial Construction

Our portfolio includes Mills and Manufacturing Plants, Warehouses and Factories, Mining and Quarrying Plants, Refineries, Chemical and Other Processing Plants, Power Generation, Project Design, Supervision and Sign Off....
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Aluminium Windows and Doors

We are Fabricators and Installers of Architectural Aluminium and Glass products including: Windows, Doors, Glass Walls, Shopfronts, Curtain Walls, Balustrades, Security Screens & Awnings...
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Glass | Glazing, Supply, Cutting

We are Fabricators and Installers of Architectural Aluminium and Glass products including: Windows, Doors, Glass Walls, Shopfronts, Curtain Walls, Balustrades, Security Screens & Awnings...
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Kitchen Design

Kitchens, Cupboards and Cabinetry

We have partnered with engineered truss fabricators to give our clients structurally sound roofs to withstand various load bearing capacities. We also do the ceilings, kitchens, cabinetry, drywalls....  
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Roofing Construction. Wooden Roof Frame House Construction.

Timber and Steel Structures

We have partnered with engineered truss fabricators to give our clients structurally sound roofs to withstand various load bearing capacities. We also do the ceilings, kitchens, cabinetry, drywalls....  
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Engineering, Structural, Civil

Engineering Consultancy

We provide Professional Engineering Consulting Services, including: Civil and Structural Engineering (Designs, Specifications, Inspections, Sign-Offs), Geotechnical and Industrial Consultancy...
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GOVARO Architectural 350_175

Architecture and Interior Design

We provide modern Architecture and Interior Design Services, including: Plans, Construction Drawings, 3D Rendering, Council Submissions, Project Planning, Principal Agency and Turnkey Contracts...
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Underground Industrial 350_175

Mining Engineering Consultancy

We undertake Mining Contracts and Engineering Consultancy Services, including Mine Design, Planning, Development and Optimisation, Civil Projects, Mine Waste Management Systems & Facilities...
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